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Jeans are a crucial part of your outfit especially in streetwear. No matter how nice the rest of your pieces are, a bad fitting pair of jeans will always ruin your fit. However, contrary to popular belief, jeans don’t have to be super skinny to look good, there are different cuts of jeans for a reason, you just have to be able to pull them off right. The most important factor in getting your jeans to fit perfectly is finding a good tailor. The right tailor will be able to get your jeans looking exactly how you want.


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As I said before, your jeans don’t need to be super skinny to look good, but if the leg opening is too big, then it will ruin the pant-shoe interaction which is very important. If your jeans look bad with your favourite kicks, then it’s game over, no matter how dope you think those shoes look.


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Baggy, light wash jeans have been present in men’s fashion for a while now, but they are not being worn in a traditional way. Often these types of jeans are seen turned up at the bottom to above the ankle to give a cropped effect. This look is a little more daring than standard skinny jeans, but if your style allows it, then it is definitely a good look. Additionally, if you like the cropped look but you’re not a huge fan of the baggier jeans, you can use the same turn up method on your skinny jeans. These cropped looks also show off your kicks nicely because there is a clear break between the pants and the sneakers.


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The next big question is stacks or no stacks. Stacking, for those who don’t know, is where your jeans bunch up at the bottom where they hit your sneakers. Stacks can look great, but it really is dependent on the kicks you intend to wear. In our opinion, stacking looks best when paired with high tops and boots whereas a cleaner look is required for low profile shoes.


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The last thing to consider is whether or not you want any extra details on your jeans. Distressing is very popular at the moment and can look great but only if it is done well. Other details that you could have are zippered ankles, biker detailing, paint splatters, patches, etc. Just remember, jeans can make or break an outfit, so make sure you choose well and get that perfect fit. Just remember that what we’ve mentioned above, aren’t necessarily rules, just recommendations.




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