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Streetwear’s a term more jumped on than a pair of Vans or Air Jordans. Is it bomber jackets and ripped biker jeans? Or longline tees and jersey joggers? Or both? Creating your own personal style is the art of combining an outfit, or an image if you will, based on the various aspects of your personality and lifestyle, which consists of:

Your taste, interests, desires, inspirations, aspirations and history. You bring a couple (or all) of them together and let it shine in the way you dress. But of course, only the aspects you want to express and show to the world! We’ve come up with a few tips to help build your own Streetwear style.


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Regardless if you’re a sneakerhead or not, an outfit in our opinion should always start with the shoes. Outfits will look completely different depending on the shoes you wearing so it always makes sense to start from the bottom up and build around what kind of shoes you’ll be wearing.


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One of the biggest cliche’ in online fashion communities is how you’re supposed to dress as an extension of your personal style which we believe is totally dumb. If you’re making the conscious decision to copy a certain outfit that already is an extension of your personal style because you chose that outfit out of the millions of others you could of copied. There is nothing wrong with liking a fit and getting those exact same clothes, with time your personal style will ORGANICALLY grow from the outfits you copy from different places.


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Your personal style is going to take time to come to fruition, if you’re too afraid of looking awkward, dumb or like a fashion victim you’ll never expose yourself to the many amazing different styles that are out there. Build a foundation and work from there, get inspired by the mass amount of style content that is out there and grow your style organically! Oh and don’t forget to keep it simple.


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