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The flannel shirt has become a wardrobe staple. Check out this guide on how to wear a flannel shirt and you’ll be rocking this casual staple in style in no time. Flannel is what I would consider an essential piece of outerwear. It’s become the epitome of the causal wardrobe. Flannel works great in chilly seasons because of the layering potential it provides.


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The great thing about a flannel or plaid shirt is that they come in so many variations, and, they practically suit every body shape going, so everyone can benefit from wearing one. Flannels are uniquely coloured and patterned, they are the eye catcher of your outfit, which means you don’t want other clothing pieces in your outfit competing for attention, you want pieces that will compliment your loudest clothing article, which is why it’s best practice to pair flannel with light and neutral colours such as light wash jeans (loving distressed jeans at the moment) and grey / white t-shirts and hoodies.


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Flannel shirts come in so many different colours and patterns that finding one in your favourite shade is basically impossible. Many people only know of the bright red lumberjack style. However, the nature of flannel shirts is usually checked. Therefore it’s important to balance your outfit keeping in mind this sort of pattern.



This might be a simple look that we’ve seen many times before. However, it’s the most classic flannel shirt out there for a reason. Pair it with a grey or black plain t-shirt, as the checked pattern will be the main focus. Put on your favourite skinny jeans and trainers or boots and you’ll be ready to go.


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The next stop in our journey across flannel shirts for men is the green flannel shirt. Inevitably associated with the lumberjack look, this shirt will be a great match to a full beard. Something to think about in case you were thinking of growing one…It’s best to keep styling simple when it comes to this specific pattern. Wear it buttoned up for a sleeker appearance. Throw a pair of Timberland boots in the mix and you’ll be rocking a great outfit.



A predominantly white flannel shirt is a great way to add a touch of light to your outfit. It’ll make the typically thick fabric appear lighter. White goes with most fabrics and it’ll allow you to pair this type of shirt with most items you already own.


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A black flannel shirt is the perfect autumn/winter alternative to your spring/summer lightweight black shirt. Now is the time to make space in your wardrobe for some thick flannel shirts. More often than not, black flannel shirts feature electric blue checks. They’re great to break up an otherwise tedious look.


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Flannel shirts in grey are yet another versatile options when it comes to colour schemes. You can even smarten up your grey flannel shirt with a pair of sand chinos and your favourite and most reliable pair of boots. This combination will allow you to glide through most casual and even smart-casual situations.


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Flannel is a great clothing piece to use when layering. On those real cold days layering a flannel with a hoodie underneath will keep you warm and stylish. Remember when layering a flannel with a hoodie you want a sized down hoodie (or a sized up flannel) or a hoodie that fits tighter (or a flannel that fits looser) – the goal is to not look bulky and silly.

With all that said it’s time to give you guys some great examples of flannel outfits, we’ve also listed some brands that carry great quality flannels for reasonable prices, enjoy.


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