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We all know that socks are a staple of any man’s wardrobe. However, for the majority of us, socks are merely seen as just that: a staple that serves only for the benefit of practicality and function. With this mindset, socks are cast aside as an entirely missed opportunity at evoking a keen sense of style.

However, with summer already here and subsequently the popularity of shorts and cropped pants rising, your socks could be on show. This is a bit of a problem if all of your socks are nothing but novelty socks. We going to try use this article to give you info about sock styles and sock guidelines so that you choose the right pair to complete any look.


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Let’s start with the general rules.

  1. First of all, the socks you are wearing must match your pants. This is a guideline that will give you a look you won’t go wrong with. However, once you know your style and want to express your identity through socks, and clothes in general, you can break this rule and be more personal. You can get socks that are colourful, have patterns or are different in other ways and even pair them with your tie or shoes.
  2. It is said that socks are to merge the shoe and the pants (if you are wearing long pants of course), and you are not supposed to show skin between them. Of course, we don’t believe in rules and think that if you can pull it off, you should do it.
  3. Socks, like the rest of the pieces you are wearing, must go with the whole outfit and the occasion. Don’t wear sports socks at a black tie event or vice versa.
  4. Try to avoid socks that have holes in them. Unless that’s your trademark look. Of course, then you are probably weird in a weird way.
  5. Learn you sock size, as otherwise you will be either having your circulation stopped by your socks or you will be swimming in them. If you’re not sure, try several sock on until you know exactly what your size is, but mind the fact that sizes can vary by manufacturer.


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To be honest, these are more of a cold weather option, but they will still work in slightly colder spring days & nights with a pair of cropped trousers in a grungier outfit. If you’re not into cropped pants and it’s still too cold for shorts, these can also look good with some tapered jeans tucked into them.


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Plain Black socks can provide a seamless transition when wearing black cropped pants. On the other hand, plain white socks can provide a stark contrast when worn with cropped pants, and when worn with shorts they can give off a bit of a skater vibe.


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Often the best socks can be no socks. Only problem with no socks is that you’ll probably be very uncomfortable. This is where no show socks come in handy. They are cut lower than most shoes so that they are not on show at all but your feet still get all of the benefit of wearing socks.


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If you go for a pretty minimalist outfit with cropped pants or shorts, designer socks can really stand out. Ideally, stick to minimalist base colours like black and white and let the graphic on the sock do the talking. This can really set your outfit apart from all of the other basic outfits you’ll see this summer.


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Every man needs a few pairs of neutral socks in his wardrobe. These varieties are essential for professional settings and black tie events. Aim to have navy, black, brown, camel, gray, and even oxblood variations in your arsenal.



Brightly coloured socks are perfect for accenting any outfit from casual to business formal. Include a variety of colours in your wardrobe so you can contrast your socks whenever you please, no matter what you’re wearing. Some popular colours to own are salmon, various shades of blue, purple, and green.



Argyle, dots, stripes, you name it, and you can find it on a sock. Patterned and printed socks are extremely popular right now, and definitely bring a little eye-catching finesse to your ankle area. Patterns are also popular for adding a sense of light-heartedness to your ensemble. At the very least, you should have a few go-to striped pairs in your wardrobe.


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